Meet Lily Solochek

Here at the Center we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our 2018 Rabbinical Student Fellows. They will be spending extended time learning and working in our Maine Jewish communities. In anticipation of our work together, we asked Lily some questions about themself to help you get to know them a little better.
Where is your hometown and what school are you studying at?
I’m originally from Portland, Oregon and currently study at the Reconstructionist Rabinnical College.What parsha did you study for your bar/bat mitzvah?
My parsha was Ha’azinu.What is your favorite Jewish holiday according to food eaten on that holiday?
My favorite holiday according to the food is Sukkot! I love squash and get to eat a lot of fall-themed meals around that time.

What Maine Jewish community will you be serving as a fellow?
Beth Israel Congregation in Bath and Bowdoin College.

What are you most looking forward to during your fellowship in Maine?
I’m most excited to get to know the Bath Jewish community, spend more time in Maine, and work with college students again (I was previously the Director of Jewish Student Life at UW-Madison Hillel).

Welcome Lily! Stay up to date on Lily’s work in Maine and opportunities to learn with them on Beth Israel Congregation in Bath’s Website: