A Year in Review

July 2021/Tammuz-Av 5781

Dear Friends of the Center,

We are about to enter a shemitah year in the Jewish community, a sabbatical year when we let the land rest and contemplate the limits of our own control and ownership. At the same time, we are emerging from a year that has highlighted our human limitations and has reinforced the importance of community, spirituality, rest, and authentic connections.

We at the Center for Small Town Jewish Life thank you for all the ways you’ve joined us over the past year. During more than 50 online programs you showed up to sing, laugh, cry, celebrate, and dream with us in Jewish community.

Summer brings a moment of complicated and exciting transition for our organization. Though it may seem quiet, there is a lot happening behind the scenes! We are working hard to bring back safe, in-person celebrations, conferences, and programs, while thinking about the most beneficial ways to continue some of our online offerings.

Internally, we are also shuffling responsibilities as our program coordinator, Sarah Rockford, heads off to rabbinical school in the fall. We will miss her deeply on our team, but wish her a hearty Yasher Ko’ach as she steps into this next phase of her life. Sarah will visit often and surely remain a dedicated member of our Maine Jewish community. Through all of this change and transition, our goal remains the same—to cultivate transformational learning and a vibrant Jewish community.

Your partnership makes what we do possible. We hope that you will support the Center with contributions that allow us to bring sustainable, accessible, and joyful Jewish learning and community to all our constituents all across this remarkable state.

With deep gratitude and anticipation for togetherness in the year to come,

Rabbi Rachel M. Isaacs, Executive Director
The Center for Small Town Jewish Life

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