Havdalah, Together with Batya Levine

We are thrilled to welcome the remarkable musician and singer Batya Levine to lead us in Havdalah on Saturday, February 26 at 7 p.m. Be ready to sing in the new week in community. Have your wine or juice, havdalah candle, and spice box on hand if you wish to participate, or just sing along.

Register for Havdalah here: Havdalah with Batya Levine.

A bit about our guest artist:

As a lifelong student of Jewish song, ritual, and practice, Batya Levine uses song as a tool for healing and resilience. Batya believes in the liberatory potential of song to loosen what is bound within each of us, and to resource us as we work to build a more just and beautiful world.  Batya centers this approach in their work as a communal song leader, musician, shaliach tzibur (Jewish prayer leader), cultural organizer, and facilitator.

Rooted in the traditional wisdom and ruach (spirit) of their Modern Orthodox upbringing, Batya is dedicated to building a vibrant Judaism that simultaneously reaches backward and forward in time, and is wide enough for our whole selves.

Batya has offered song, ritual, and workshops in a variety of communities, including Isabella Freedman, Linke Fligl, SVARA: A Traditionally Radical Yeshiva, and The New Synagogue Project. Batya is a co-founder and core team member of Let My People Sing!, a national gathering that seeks to uplift the diversity of Jewish singing traditions and provide a transformative space for learning, leading and sharing in communal song.  Batya composes original music, and their songs have made their way to prayer spaces, living rooms and protests across the Jewish diaspora. Batya recently released their first album, Karov, with Rising Song Records.

To hear Batya’s music, and to access their newly released album Karov, go to https://www.batyalevine.com/.

Register for Havdalah here: Havdalah with Batya Levine.