Rabbi Isaacs Delivers Central Synagogue Sermon

Rabbi Rachel Isaacs was honored to deliver the sermon at Central Synagogue in Manhattan on March 24, 2023. She spoke about class and income inequality, sharing her experience in small-town Maine and touching on geographical and socioeconomic inequities in the American Jewish community. From Central Synagogue:

“Why aren’t we talking about class? The topic is tender because class is inextricably linked with our dignity. In Hebrew, the word for dignity is ‘kavod’ and it shares the same root with ‘kaved,’ ‘heavy.’ Dignity is about how much leverage we have – in creating a world that gives us what we need and brings us into spaces with the promise of fullness, respect, and agency. And the inequitable distribution of this ‘kavod’ is impacting the ability of the American Jewish establishment to sustain functional, holy communities equitably nationwide.” – Rabbi Rachel Isaacs

Watch: https://youtu.be/PmgDlQbxw3k